December - 21 - 2011

A game which needs a lot of concentration is golf and it mainly consists of hitting a small ball with a club from a specially prepared ground. The area from which you first hit the ball, the starting point of the game, is called teeing ground. When you hit the ball it goes to another prepared ground which is called putting green and it has a hole in which the ball has to go. Equipment is also very important in golf, even though it’s a sport with very few chances of injury. There are numerous collections of men’s fashion for sports like golf, where you can purchase special shoes, polo shirts and other important accessories.

The goal of the game is to go from putting ground to putting ground and put the ball in the hole with the smallest number of strokes. An entire game consists of 18 holes. You have the possibility to play the game in two ways: you can choose to play by counting the number of holes won and lost or you can choose to play by counting the number of strokes you do in order to finish the game.

Here we are going to present to you a couple of rules which you must know when you are playing golf. We are going to start with the ones of etiquette:

  • When a player is making a stroke you should not talk , move or stand close to him
  • Never start your game if a group is in front of you, wait until the ground is clear
  • Never stay on the putting green if all the members in your group have holed out, you should clear the area
  • Always invite a faster group to play if you are not ready
  • Never step on another player´s putt
  • Always replace the divots
  • Get a golf rangefinder but first read golf rangefinder reviews
  • Make sure that you do not drop one of you clubs on the putting green
  • When you replace the flagstick do it with great care

Now we are going to move on to some general points about golf sports. In order to have a smooth and uneventful game you must follow some basic rules:

  • Start off by reading the Local rules which are displayed on the score card
  • Write your name or make an identification sign on your ball so it does not get lost. Many golfers play with the same brand of balls that you may use and you can not tell which is yours then it is lost
  • Never bring too many clubs with you, the maximum number allowed is 14
  • Do not ask for help during the game to other people except you partner or your caddie

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