May - 15 - 2012

There are many types of handball but here we are going to talk about handball in general. If you did not know this game comes in different forms, we have: European handball, Olympic handball and border handball. All forms of the game are detailed here: www.tvsecrets.net. This game is a team sport, each team has seven players and their goal is to throw a ball into the opponents goal. The game lasts about 60 minutes and it is divided in two, 30 minutes for each round. The team who gains the most point wins the match. The handball we play today is done in an indoor scour but there are other from of handball which are played outside, such as beach handball.

This game is very fast and it implies a lot of body contact because the defender has to stop the attacker from throwing the ball in their court. Body contact is only allowed when players from opposite teams are in front of each other. It si very important to know this because any contact that comes from behind the player or from the side is not allowed and if it happens the team gets into trouble. If the defender succeeds in the attack and gets the ball the game of the team who has the ball starts from that very point or in some cases from the 9 meter line. Unlike other games where you have a limited of faults admitted in handball you can have as many faults are you want because it is considered defense.

In handball is is very easy to score point which is why a team can score about 20 point or more in a game.  At times a team can score even 30 point per game.

As far as the field is concerned it is similar to a soccer field when it is played indoors. On the coat the teams have to follow some rules:

  • A player can not hold the ball in his hands for more than thee seconds
  • A player can not take more than three steps without dribbling when he has the ball in his hands
  • After the three seconds are up the player has to pass or shoot

This is the wonderful handball game which we all know and appreciate. It is a very popular sport especially in Europe. It is a team sports which means that it is very important to know the rules when watching or when playing the game.

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