May - 15 - 2012

As you well know hockey is a game which is very competitive and fast. Like all the other games which we can see during the Olympics this one is also full of history, medals and all the other elements of the game. This game is very popular is Europe and in North America. It’s like racing cars in these states.The country which has transformed the sport into a tradition is Canada mainly because they claim that they invented the game. Hockey also has a rich history in the United States especially in the east area. In Europe we have the following countries which are very popular in this sport: Germany, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Slovakia.

Here we are going to present to you the basic rules of the game such as face offs and penalties, they are the most important rules you have to take into consideration during a game.

Hockey can be a very dangerous sport without proper training and equipment, so investing in some men’s hockey accessories like masks, helmets, gloves, shoulder and shin guards, elbow pads, mouth and neck guards and so on is very important.

We are going to start with face offs. They stand for five circles on the ice: we have two in front of each net, two on each side of the court and one in the middle. The game begins with two players which are positioned in the center of the court standing face to face. Their goal is to get into possession of the puck faster the opponent as soon as the referee drops in on the floor. If you did not know what the creaming and shouting was all about at the beginning of the game now you know, they are telling the referee to drop the puck so the game can start. If one of the players does not act as he should he is replaced with another player.

Now we are going to talk about penalties which are very important, especially in this game. This game is very rough which means that players will often get penalized for bad behavior. If a player gets into a serious argument with the referee he could get himself into serious trouble. The smallest penalty is a time out of two minutes in the penalty box and the worse is the one applied for misconduct which eliminates the player for the entire game. In extreme cases the player can be suspended for several games, but that is the call of a commission which evaluates the entire situation.

Another big past-time in Canada is gambling, and with the rise of online casino in the country that is only set to rise. Online sports betting is another industry in full development, and hockey is one of its biggest targets, precisely because it is a favorite sport in this country. That being said, anyone can learn how online sports betting functions, but it takes keen knowledge of the sport, of statistics and other information in order to increase your chances of winning.

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As you well know hockey is a very competitive and easy to understand game, you just have to know the basics and the rest can be figured out on the way.

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