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June - 21 - 2014

Many things have been said and commented regarding the game of cricket, the rules it implies and the origins this game has. But, for some people who don’t know much about this game, cricket remains an enigma and it can even be considered a boring, unattractive game. On the other side, cricket is a great sport with a lot of attractive characteristics that make it a worthy game to play, especially if you know its rules and you play it as hobby. But, the most important thing you should know about this bat-and-ball game is that it can be a lot of fun, yet it requires attention to detail. If you want to learn how to play this game, or if you already are a cricketer and you want to improve your skills, you should know that its rules are extremely important, no matter if you are a bowler or a batsman.

So it is essential to know what cricket is all about, before getting on the field and start playing its game. Typically, this sport requires two teams – each made of eleven players-, on the filed. The cricket field has a rectangular 22 yard long pitch in the middle, where the bowler and the batsman stand face-to-face and play the ball. One player uses his skill in hitting the ball with his bat to score runs, while the opponent bowls and fields the ball, attempting to dismiss the batsman. After each inning, which is the term used for naming a fixed-length segment of a game playing, the teams switch positions, so the batsman and bowler change places, as well. This game is usually assisted by two umpires, and sometimes one more umpire can arbitrate the fairness of the game playing with the help of video evidence.

However, this sport requires more than knowing its rules; basically, it also needs intensive training and skilled players who can use various strategies and techniques that can ensure the team’s winning at the end of such games. The ability to read the opponent’s mind is very important in this game playing, as well. Each team is trained by an experienced coach, who puts in balance the attributes and skills every player has.

Cricket is a game which can be both captivating and fun, if you know its basic rules and you train enough, so that you can play it well. If you want to find out more about this game, go online and visit a few specialized sites.

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