Swim with Flippers Guide

February - 22 - 2013

If you want to get extra speed in the water, you should take into consideration swimming with flippers. Coming in a large palette of colors, styles and sizes, flippers are perfect for a smooth and faster gliding through the water. Below you can find out more about the rules to follow when you swim with flippers. Keep in mind that overusing flippers can lead to discomfort, so it is better to use them with caution.

  • Choose the right flippers

It is very important to opt for flippers that perfectly fit your feet without causing discomfort. Flippers should be tight enough not to lose them when swimming, but also not to so tight as to cause pain. There are two kinds of flippers: ones that are used with booties and others that go directly on your feet.

  • Warm up

Before going into the water to swim with flippers, you should warm up for a few minutes. This initial warming up is necessary because swimming with flippers can lead to shin and ankle strain, so it`s better to avoid then to treat.

  • Technique

After you put the flippers onto your feet, enter the water and push yourself off. Glide through the water by keeping your arms stretched out in front of you and your hands aligned beside each other.

Start flutter kicking with your legs by moving them up and down starting from your hips. During this movement, keep your knees slightly bent.

Take a stroke by moving one arm down and keeping the other one extended in front of you. The stroke is completed when both arms are stretched out in front. There have two options for your legs – you either rest them while gliding or kick through the propulsion. Take the next stroke with the other arm and flutter kick or rest your legs through the propulsion.

  • Distance

It is advisable to swim with flippers for 500 meters, then take the flippers out and swim for 500 meters without them. In about three weeks, your ankles and shins should be strong enough to allow you to swim with flippers for longer without experiencing pain and discomfort.

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