January - 13 - 2012

If you are a big fan of tennis or if you want to know everything there is to know about this sport we are going to tell you everything there is to know. Tennis is an amazing sport and it is a pity that it is not advertised as much as football or basketball, or that athletes gain popularity only if they look like female fitness models or date female fitness models. All that sports have in common is that you need two teams for each in the first case and that you can eat them, in the latter Here we are going to present to you the basic information about the game, we are going to start with the court after which move on to the ball and the racket.

  • The court

Tennis like all sports is played on a special field. The court for the tennis sport is 23.77 m in length and 8.23 m wide. The field is divided into two equal pieces with a net which is set in place at the ends with the help of two metal posts which must not be more than 2.5 cm above the net and more than 15 cm in diameter.

  • Fixtures

The fixtures of the court must be permanent and they must include the following: the net, cord, side and back stops, single sticks, the stands, posts and two seats which can be fixed or movable.

  • The tennis ball

In order for a tennis ball to be approved by a commission it must respect the following rules:

-the color of the ball must be white or yellow

-the cover of the ball must be made from fabric and it must be uniform

-the ball must not be heavier than 59.4 grams

  • The tennis racket

In order to play this sport you need a tennis racket and like the ball it needs to be made according to some rules and standards, and they are:

  • the hitting are must be flat and should it should be made out of crossed strings attached to the frame of the racket
  • the cross strings must form a pattern which must be uniform and the same in all areas
  • the playing characteristics of a racket must be the same on both sides
  • the frame of the racket must not be more than 73.66 cm in length and it must not be wider than 31.75 cm
  • the hitting are must not be more than 39.37 cm in length and 29.21 cm wide
  • the handlebar must not have attached elements on it, only those who are used to limit vibration or prevent tear are accepted
  • no source of energy must be connected to the racket

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