Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, precisely because it is not really related to a certain country’s culture; it has become a sport for everyone to enjoy, and this may also be due to the fact that it represents elegant athleticism at its finest. It requires strength and precision, resistance, flexibility, focus, and literally thinking on your feet. The only thing that may keep tennis from being even more popular, or from having more athletes from more countries, is the fact that training for it can be quite expensive, because you need a good trainer, good equipment, and constant access to a tennis court. But this has never been an impediment for those who truly wanted to excel, and more importantly, it is a sport where the achievements of female athletes are just as important and as admired as those of male athletes (as compared to soccer, for instance).

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best female tennis players of all time, and what they managed to achieve during their careers:

  • Steffi Graff – For years in a row, Steffi seemed invincible; the German tennis player managed to win as many as 22 Grand Slam titles – this feat alone makes her the tennis player with the most Major achievements ever, either male or female.  She was active as a pro for about 17 years, and during this long career, she managed to set records in many directions, some of which she still maintains, even though she retired from pro playing almost 15 years ago. For instance, she was ranked as No. 1 by the Women’s Tennis Association – for being the only tennis player ever to have ranked at the top of all rankings for 377 consecutive weeks. She was also admired for her versatility, which gave her a perfect play on any kind of playing surface, something which handicaps other tennis players. Professionals in the field still consider her the best female tennis player of all times.
  • Serena Williams – Sister of Venus Williams, the two American tennis players drew the entire world’s attention at the sight of their strength and precision on the court. Right now, Serena holds the No. 1 spot in the world in women’s single tennis, offered by the WTA – in fact last year, when she last received the ranking, she also became the oldest female tennis player to receive this title. She also has 33 Major titles, but what makes this achievement a record is the fact that she is the player with the most versatile winning streak. 18 of her titles were won in single competitions, 13 of them in women’s doubles, and another 2 in mixed doubles. She is also one of the last athletes to hold all four Grand Slam titles at the same time.  Her and her sister’s arrival in professional tennis are said to have raised the bar for subsequent players, because they were for a while, the best prepared, the most athletic, and most precise players the world had ever seen.
  • Maria Sharapova – Great tennis players come from all over the world, in all shapes and sizes. Although physically she seems the opposite of the Williams sisters, the beautiful and delicate Russian player Sharapova still manages to kick ass on the court and defeat the most brutal of adversaries. At this point in her career, she has won 32 WTA titles for singles’ matches, and five Grand Slam titles as well. And if you’re wondering how Maria Sharapova launched her career as a professional tennis player, it was at 17, when she managed to defeat the much-dreaded Serena Williams.  She has won numerous Major titles around the world since then, is already in ranks with the best female players of all times, and even though she had to pause her career due to shoulder injuries two times, she returned every time, only to play for the win with even more force.

Women athletes like these are a wonder and an inspiration; it is no wonder that female tennis playing is just as important and respected as male tennis. The athletic achievements are just as hard to obtain, and just as impressive when they are; the game is being made more difficult with each new generation, which is why even tennis betting is becoming one of the more exciting pastimes for people everywhere. Because when you’ve got a match between two tennis giants like Williams and Sharapova, it’s like you’re watching a live battle between King Kong and Godzilla, and you’ve always wanted to know which would win, didn’t you?

Professional female tennis playing continues to grow and evolve, and to be more and more exciting; and it isn’t likely at all that people will ever get enough of it, not while the athletes are so attractive and beautiful, anyway!

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