December - 23 - 2011

One game which is part of the team sports is volleyball and it consist of two teams.Each team has six players and the teams are separated by a net. The goal of each team is to ground the ball in the other teams court. The set of rules for the volleyball game are very long and hard to remember but to get a general idea on how the game enfolded we are going to give you a short presentation.

The volleyball game usually starts with a serving of the ball by one player who is situated at the back of the field over the net and into the receiver’s court. The receivers must make sure that once the ball is on their court it does not touch the ground because if it does the other team will gain points. The team receiver is allowed to touch the ball only three times. In a normal game those three times are divided as such: the first two are for attack at the last one is for directing the ball back to the other team’s court.

If you are a beginner in this game as a start you only have to know two things: that there are 12 players on the court and that the first team who gains 25 points wins.

Now we are going to talk a little about positions because they are very important in volleyball game.  Each team has six players: three in the front and three in the back. Here are the rules of serving:

  • A serve is always done from the back line
  • Each serve must be made by hitting the ball with you hand
  • The ball is allowed to touch the net on its way to the other side of the court but it is not allowed to cross outside the antenna or over the antenna
  • Once the ball has been put in motion the players can move on the court freely, they can even go outside of the court if the need to
  • A serve is never allowed to touch the roof
  • The ball can b hit with any part of the body except when it is served, you can only use your hands then
  • Each team has the possibility to send the ball back to the other court by hitting the ball only three times
  • A single player is not allowed to hit the ball two times in a row

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