Wax Skiboards Guide

August - 9 - 2012

The key for keeping the quality of your skiboards is providing a proper maintenance. Having your skiboards regularly waxed is the best way to ensure the optimal performance of your boards.

First, make sure you have the proper things to wax your skiboards: universal hot wax, flourinated wax (if you want a second coat), wax iron and soft cotton towel.

It is advisable waxing your skiboards before the first use, so you can ask for the initial waxing in the moment you buy them. Most ski shops offer you a discount for choosing additional products and services.

Professional waxing services are generally expensive, so it`s better to perform the waxing procedure by yourself if you are a skiboarding addicted. When choosing the type of wax, ask a professional. You can use universal hot wax, while the fluorinated wax is recommended if you have to apply additional coats. Try not to overheat the wax and burn it, because it will lose its effectiveness.

Use a wax iron to impede wax buildup and irregular application. A wax iron is alike a common iron for clothes and it can be affordable. Besides the advantage of providing an even spread, the iron also contributes to a quicker drying. While ironing the wax into the base, ensure a continuous motion. If you smell burning, the temperature of the iron is probably too high. In addition, overheating the skiboards is also bad.

Before start waxing, examine the bottom of your skiboards in order to establish if extra layers of wax are needed. In case there are many scratch marks, one coat is not sufficient. Always let the wax cool between coating and scraping.

When the wax is dry, wipe it with a soft cotton towel so that the possible small pockets of built up wax to be removed leading to equal coverage. Never scrap the wax with a metal instrument, because it will bring damages to the base and the ski edge.

To maintain the long term integrity of your skiboards, wax them after every ski trip. Take into consideration the advices above and enjoy your ride down the hill!


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